We have a range of payment terminals types to suit every environment:


This terminal doesn’t require a telephone line; by working over the mobile phone network. Battery operated it can be taken to the Customer. Ideal for restaurants, taxis, home deliveries, home services, etc. The fast transaction speed makes it suitable for outlets where speed is important. The terminal is charged from the mains on a charging base unit or a car charger.

Our roaming SIM operates on ALL Mobile networks so you'll never be without a signal wherever you are and provides back-up to another Network in the event of a network fault.

Counter Top:

This is a fixed terminal that connects to a telephone line and mains outlet. Optionally, it can be connected to a broadband modem/router if you have cabling to the point-of-sale.



This is a short-range wireless version of the counter top terminal. It connects ususally to a telephone line or optionally to a broadband router. Battery operated the unit can be taken to the Customer to perform the transaction such as is used in restaurants or where the layout of the store makes a wired termial impractical. The range is up to 100yds by line of sight.
The terminal is charged from the mains on a charging base unit.

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