New to Cards

Credit and debit cards are now the most common way people pay for goods and services. Payment by card overtook cash payments several years ago.

By accepting payment by credit/debit cards you will:

•              Attract more customers

•              Increase average spend

•              Improve customer service

•              Less cashing up

•              Fewer errors

•              Improve your cash-flow

Can you afford not to offer this method of payment to your Customers?

Attract more Customers - Research has shown that consumers are now spending more on credit and debit cards than any other payment method including cash. Few people now carry a cheque book with them, and will buy elsewhere if they cannot pay by card.

Increase Average Spend - other research has shown that average spend increases with card purchases, as consumers do not worry about running out of cash.

Lower Charges – we have secured low merchant services charges from a leading acquiring Bank using the combined buying power of all our customers. This means lower fees on each transaction, no fixed monthly fee.

Improved Cash Flow – funds will be in your account within 2-3 days electronically, so no more (or fewer) trips to the bank to deposit takings, and loss of cash-flow whilst takings are waiting to be banked.

Digital Wireless Technology – processes transactions faster without the need for slow telephone lines. Multiple network capability gives resilience against network outages.

Terminals – advanced technology providing secure, fast and reliable operation, combined with ease of use. Choices of mobile, counter-top or portable to meet the needs of your business.